The F-Lite is the perfect companion for summer riding: lightweight, well ventilated and CE Certified –
It really hits the mark!

+ Adjustment: Hook & Loop Cuff and Waist Adjusters, Pop Stud Sleeve Adjusters
+ Outer Pockets: 2
+ Inner Pocket: 1
+ Reflective Detail: Yes – Reflex Logos and Fabric

+ Urban


F-Lite는 가볍고 통풍이 잘 되며 CE 인증을 받은 여름 라이딩을 위한 완벽한 동반자입니다. 그것은 정말 적중합니다!

F-라이트 재킷의 가볍지만 견고한 구조는 HTC 원단이 지원하는 K540 mesh로 내마모성을 희생하지 않고 큰 공기 흐름을 제공한다. 편안함, 환기 및 움직임을 개선하기 위해 뜨개질되었습니다.

내부에는 물에 강한 방풍 라이너가 적용돼 가벼운 빗길에 보호를 제공하며 슬리브와 허리 조절기는 맞춤형 착용감을 제공한다. 편안함을 향상시키기 위해 스포츠 칼라와 커프스는 AMARA로 덮여 있습니다.

재킷에는 Back Protector 포켓과 CE 레벨 1 어깨 및 팔꿈치 armour, 어깨 컵, 반사 패널 및 로고가 함께 제공돼 시야와 보호를 강화했다.

+ CE Certification Rating: A
+ Back Protector: Pocket Only
+ Shoulder Armour: CE Level 1
+ Elbow Armour: CE Level 1

+ Main Outer Material: HTC Fabric
+ Secondary Outer Material: K540 Mesh Main Body
+ Inner Lining: Removable Windproof Lining
+ Cuffs: Amara Sports
+ Collar: Amara Sports
+ Zips: MAX Zips
+ Thread: Corespun Polyester
+ Connection Zip for Jeans: Yes – 360°

The F- Lite is the perfect companion for summer riding: lightweight, well ventilated and CE certified – it really hits the mark!

The F-Lite Jacket’s lightweight yet robust construction comes from K540 mesh supported by HTC fabric, providing huge airflow without compromising abrasion resistance. Knitted to enhance comfort, ventilation and movement.

Inside, a shower resistant windproof liner provides protection in light rain, while sleeve and waist adjusters offer a tailored fit. The Amara covered sports collar and cuffs enhance comfort.

The jacket comes with a pocket for a back protector and CE Level 1 shoulder and elbow armour along with shoulder cups and reflective panels and logos for added visibility and protection.

Use the 360° connection zip to connect to any RST jean.

COLOURS:                     UK/INT’L SIZE:
Black                            38/XS – 56/6XL



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